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FLASHForward Open House AAC18 - August 14th 2018 - Breckenridge, Colorado

The FLASHForward facility at DESY (Hamburg, Germany) is an innovative plasma-wakefield acceleration experiment, aiming to accelerate electron beams to energies exceeding 1.5 GeV over a few centimetres of plasma. The facility provides a unique combination of low-emittance GeV-class electrons from a superconducting linac with MHz repetition rate and a synchronised 25 TW laser, both interacting in a windowless, optically accessible, versatile plasma target area.

Commissioning of the first phase of this beamline was completed in June 2018 with experiments due to commence in August 2018. The forthcoming experimental programme is foreseen to run for the next decade, with expected experimental beam time operation of >1000 hrs per year, opening up new avenues in this highly dynamic research field.

This satellite meeting, taking place at 17:15 on Tuesday, August 14, in Peaks 1/2/3, provides an opportunity to hear more about the highlights and parameter space of the FLASHForward facility, discover opportunities for collaboration through the forthcoming experimental proposal scheme, and learn about the first FLASHForward collaboration meeting planned for December 4-6th in Hamburg.

FLASHForward Collaboration Meeting 2018 - December 4-6th 2018 - DESY, Hamburg

The inaugural FLASHForward Collaboration Meeting will take place this December at DESY, Hamburg.

For further information on the schedule and registration please visit the meeting indico page: