Scientific Programme

Through parallel operation with FLASH FEL users and dedicated Accelerator R&D beam time, FLASHForward plans to operate for >1000 hrs per year, opening up new avenues in the highly dynamic research field of plasma wakefield acceleration (PWFA).

To this end FLASHForward research is composed of an ever-expanding scientific programme, comprised of a number of core experiments - the so-called X-numbers - starting with both internal (X-1) and external injection (X-2) studies, and culminating in the exploration of FEL gain from a PWFA (X-100). In addition to these experiments a number of novel diagnostics and prototypes  - P-numbers - are in development to diagnose these novel beams, both at FLASHForward and beyond

The current scientific programme is made up of the following topics of research (more detail found by clicking the links):

Core Experiments   

    X-1: Plasma Cathode
    X-2: Plasma Booster
    X-10: Transformer Ratio Optimisation
    X-11: Hosing Mitigation
    X-13: Longitudinal Phase-Space Manipulation
    X-14: Ion Motion
    X-15: Ionisation
    X-100: FEL Gain

Novel Diagnostics and Prototypes

    P-1: TR Spectroscopy
    P-3: Betatron Radiation
    P-4: Transverse Laser Probe
    P-5: Transverse Beam Probe
    P-6: Pulsed Dipole
    P-8: Active Plasma Lens
    P-9: RF Deflector
    P-10: Laser-Beam Timing
    P-11: ICS Radiation