X-1: Plasma Cathode

Principle investigator:
Alexander Knetsch

Contact in absentia:
Bridget Sheeran

Description and goals:
The experiment aims at the generation of tailored electron beams in plasma with focus on HEP- or FEL- applications. Crucial parameters are emittance and brightness, which brings about the need for

  • Clean and stable injection of a low-emittance (< 1 µm) and low energy-spread witness bunch with a charge of 1–100 pC into the plasma wake
  • The witness bunch length should be tailored such that it is longer than the collaboration length requirements by the undulators
  • An acceleration process, which keeps the injected bunch charge and emittance
  • An extraction of the witness bunch from the plasma, which keeps the injected bunch charge and emittance
  • Measurement of the witness-beam parameters

This plan concentrates mostly on the realisation of point 1 and 2 but needs to work closely with other experiments and especially diagnostic development.