P-1: TR Spectroscopy

Principle Investigator:
Paul Winkler

Contact in absentia:
Richard D'Arcy

Description and goals:
The P-1 package will investigate the implementation of a broadband spectrometer for transition radiation of plasma accelerated beams, to be used as a single shot diagnostic to measure the longitudinal charge density of the electron bunch.

Three different spectrometers - covering a spectral range from the visual light to the mid-infrared - simultaneously detect the radiation produced by the PWFA or LWFA beam when transmitted through a thin dielectric foil. By measuring the form factor of the spectrum this diagnostic will enable the detection of bunch lengths of a few fs: a characteristic of beams produced by accelerators of this kind.

Key milestones:

  • Commissioning of the spectrometer at the FLASH1 beamline,
  •  First bunch length measurements in the FLASHForward test laboratory using LWFA beams,
  • Experiments at the FLASHForward beamline with future benchmarking against other planned longitudinal diagnostics.