P-10: Laser-Beam Timing

Principal Investigator:
Alexander Knetsch

Contact in absentia:
Sarah Schroeder

Description and goals:
The laser-beam timing package concentrates on the scientific challenges of establishing synchronisation between the FLASHForward electron beam and the different laser arms. The package can be broken down into the following key milestones:

  • Synchronisation between the transverse laser arm and electron beam via enhanced plasma glow and Electro-Optical Sampling (EOS) on the fs-level
  • Main laser and transverse laser synchronisation down to the ps/ns level with a fast diode
  • Electron bunch-to-discharge synchronisation on the few-ns level by observing the beam focusing and the plasma glow
  • Transverse laser-to-discharge synchronisation with the Transverse Laser Probe (P-4) via observa-tion of shadowgraphic images on the fs-level
  • Relative time-of-arrival measurements between the electron bunch and laser pulse by EOS