P-5: Transverse Beam Probe (FiRCE)

Principle Investigator:
Pardis Niknejadi

Contact in absentia:
Lucas Schaper

Description and goals:
Ultra-relativistic, quasi-monoenergetic, ultra-short electron bunches can be produced in plasma
wakefield accelerators (PWFAs). The single shot measurement of the transient field from such
bunches is challenging. This project focuses on design, test, and characterization of a
femtosecond relativistic electron beam probe as a diagnostic tool for such PWFA beams. The
goals of this project are to: (1) produce suitable probe beam for successful full reconstruction of
the longitudinal profile of the PWFA beams, (2) measure the electric field of the PWFA witness
electron beam from the density modulation profile of a femtosecond electron probe beam that has
transversed perpendicularly through the PWFA beam and background plasma at the interaction
point of plasma and beam, and (3) study the PWFA process and its key features carefully and
optimize the PWFA acceleration, trapping, and boost processes.

Key milestones:

  • In the FLASHForward test and diagnostics laboratory: Design, test (proof-of-principle) and demonstrate the capabilities of the transverse electron beam probe
  • Adapt the design for the FLASHForward target chamber measurement and ensure compatibility with FLASH tunnel requirements
  • Installation and commissioning of probe elements, optics, cameras, and diagnostics
  • First transverse electron probe measurements of the FLASHForward beams and reconstruction analysis
  • Benchmarking against X-TDS and/or EOS measurements
  • Perform necessary upgrades to enhance the capabilities of the probe