P-8: Active Plasma Lens

Principle Investigator:
Lucas Schaper

Contact in absentia:
Martin Meisel

Description and goals:
With their compact design and radially symmetric focussing fields on the kT/m scale, active plasma lenses may be a key component for future accelerator concepts based on plasma wakefield acceleration. Former studies have demonstrated significant impact of such lenses on the beam parameters of transiting electron beams. Therefore further understanding of the underlying processes has to be gained before safe and reliable implementation. The installation in the FLASHForward beamline, with the option of generating small transverse size beams of low charge, are ideal for sampling local phenomena inside the lens, whilst not exciting a wakefield. After demonstrating the parameter range during which aberration free lens operation is confirmed modifying the optics to allow for larger beams allows sampling of potential lens-induced effects to the beam.In addition the gas and plasma-induced modification to injected beams can be characterised to discriminate between the different processes involved