P-9: RF Deflector

Principle Investigator:
Richard D'Arcy

Contact in absentia:
Pau Gonzalez Caminal

Description and goals:
The installation and implementation of an X-band transverse deflection cavity (XTDC) system for
~fs-level resolution longitudinal phase space and transverse slice emittance measurements at the
FLASHForward experiment.

The XTDC will initially be used to characterise the FLASHForward drive-bunches, optimising their
matching into plasma. The bunches thusly accelerated from this optimised process will then be
measured, constituting a world-first longitudinal phase space measurement of a beam-driven
PWFA witness-bunch at the fs-level.

Beyond initial proof-of-principle demonstration the device will become an everyday diagnostic tool
for use on FLASHForward, analogous to LOLA at FLASH.