Experimental Proposals

Proposal submission

The FF≫ scientific proposal process will open on Sept 1st 2018 and will remain open year-round. Although there are no strict deadlines for submission per se, dedicated beam time for accelerator research and development is distributed twice annually in May and November. It is therefore recommended that new proposals are submitted either by April or October each year in order to avoid a possible 6 month delay in scheduling.

All proposals will be peer reviewed on both a technical and scientific level. New proposals should be sent to both the FF≫ Project Coordinator (PC) and Scientific Coordinator (SC), with the proposals adhering to the guidelines outlined in the scientific proposals template.

Project Coordinator: Jens Osterhoff
Scientific Coordinator: Richard D’Arcy

It is recommended that beam parameters, as well as infrastructure restrictions, are assessed before proposal submission. For further information please see the relevant FF≫ scientific domains.

Beam parameters

Please see the following document.

Review process

Technical review
Upon receipt of the proposal document the experiment will first undergo a technical review by the PC and SC. This initial review will consider the technical feasibility of the experiment as well as considerations towards DESY safety regulations.

If the proposal is approved during this stage it will be assigned an ‘X-number’, with access then granted to a bespoke online collaboration workspace. At this stage a tentative schedule of activities will be communicated, defined by the proposal’s compatibility with FF≫’s current and future hardware setup and scientific schedule.

Once this information has been communicated a collaboration of internal personnel (if not already known) will be assigned to the experiment in order to develop any necessary hardware technicalities and to assist in onsite execution of the experiment.

Scientific review
Once a scientific proposal has passed the technical review stage it will be handed over to the FF≫ Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) - a group of scientists with expertise in the field and familiarity with FF≫ - for appraisal of its scientific merits. The SAC will receive the proposal in its written form, once any necessary amendments from the technical review stage have been made, with the results of the scientific review communicated through the PC and SC.

In addition to this written review, the SAC will convene once a year at the annual FF≫ Collaboration meeting. It will be required that at least the principle investigator of each proposed or ongoing experiment.